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SAP Upgrade

Support Business with SAP Upgrade Service

Dakshasoft has evolved a successful strategy for SAP upgrade service by leveraging the power of business (up to 80% of projects), which results in significant cost savings for our clients.
Our SAP upgrade service ensures the stable transition between systems to increase efficiency.
We work with better Upgrade or Migration services with a good complex activity and needs to give a better planning and professional project execution. At the same time, we solve problems of the customers who face issues in ensuring the least downtime, a smooth transition and successful upgrade/migration also making sure that the existing SAP system remains intact.

Dakshasoft offers the best upgrade methodology to choose from. Our Upgrade project team will carefully evaluate the client requirements with technical considerations and business needs before finalizing on the strategy.

  • Shorter production downtime.
  • Higher demand on system resources.
  • Low demand on system resources.
  • Increased production downtime.

Dakshasoft implement SAP upgrade service which results in cost savings for our clients

SAP Upgrade service ensure a robust, stable process; minimizing risk and maximizing business benefits.Our SAP professional team works efficiently to deploy all aspects of the SAP upgrade service from planning and start-up, through functional development activities to improve your business process. We assess legacy renewal necessities and study the new environment side by side to know if any additions in features and functionalities are needed before developing the transformation plan.

All transactions occurring are captured and queued, and then synced to the system. We support this with market-leading SAP services that ensure customers continue to maximize the business benefits. Ensure your upgrade is effective, robust and meets your business needs professionally.

Our precise techniques, merits and capabilities in SAP upgrade service allow us to help clients on their end-to-end journey to reach their goal. SAP upgrade service implementation can leverage your business process.
Applying lessons learned, accelerators, best practices, tools, a dedicated team and standardized processes can significantly reduce the time and risk compared with a traditional approach.

  • SAP Analysis: We provide the best upgrade analysis with a Fixed price and with an indicative costing, project plans and timelines.
  • SAP Technical Upgrade: Have the latest operating systems, databases systems and with the latest business application programs, including exclusive reports, function module, interfaces with other custom objects
  • SAP Functional Upgrade: We have a method of planning to review current business value process and implementing the new one to fix the value returns of the latest version functionality.
  • SAP Platform Migration: A mix of standard and high availability services.