It also allows third-party plugins for adding more functionality to the project with a benefit of security and encryption. Released under MIT license and source code is available on github open-source. A reliable PHP framework which follow accurate rules of PHP.

A smooth PHP framework which comes in mind while working on project is Codeigniter. Web application developed using this framework by MVC pattern. A popular open-source PHP framework which is used widely is Laravel. It is simple and easy tool in the world of frameworks for creating full dynamic web application fast and efficiently.

What is Laravel?

The main aim of developing the Laravel is to provide an alternative to the CodeIgniter framework, which does not provide built-in support for authentication and authorization. Laravel is a free and open-source php web framework developed by Taylor Otwell to build the web application based on the model-view controller (MVC).

a. Modular packaging
b. Seamless integration with third-party libraries
c. Authentication, as well as caching mechanisms, are built-in
d. The blade-templating engine is easy to use

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is useful for the short-term project, but not for the long-term projects. The developers compare the performance, functionality, and usability of different php frameworks according to the needs of their project. CodeIgniter is an open-source php web framework used for developing web applications rapidly. Nowadays, the Laravel framework is more popular than CodeIgniter because of its performance, functionality, and usability.

a. Light framework
b. Session management
c. Paging and data encryption support
d. URLs are search engine-friendly