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Dakshasoft SAP integration services promise you powerful SAP integration by lowering the complexities and hurdles of integration, improving ROI, and reducing TCO by helping you to build a migration roadmap to your Organisation. Our SAP Integration software & solutions ease to connect SAP to any non-SAP system to use SAP functionality through mobile devices, web interfaces and third-party apps using rich feature developer tools and an API- based connectivity platform. We provide secure, scalable and proven SAP integration solutions and for connecting SAP ERP to other software systems.Although organizations use SAP as their enterprise ERP application, they do have diverse applications that cater to specialized and critical business processes. This results in a complex mesh of applications landscape within the organization. In such cases, in order to realize the full potential of SAP and yet protect the investments already made in such specialized and critical business applications, it is essential that such applications are integrated with SAP in real time. With the advance of internet, organizations are looking for integration of their own business processes with those of its customers and vendors with an objective to increase the market reach, reduce delivery times, improve service levels and remain competitive. SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) provides Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) foundation capabilities for SAP customers. SAP PI is an integration platform that provides seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP applications within the organization (A2A) as well as outside the organization boundary (B2B). The enterprise services bus performance of SAP PI is specifically tuned for a high-volume and reliable exchange of information across distributed business applications.