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    Software Outsourcing Issues

2. Intellectual property rights issue in Offshore IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing Services  and intellectual property rights issues are discussed many times at many places.

  • What if source code developed for me is also sold to my competitors ?
  • What if service provider makes minor changes in code of the product developed for me and put his own product in the market?
  • What if any employee of service provider steal code and sell to my competitors?

dakshaSoft Approach

Intellectual property is like genie. If stolen, it can not be put back in bottle. We sign intellectual property rights agreement with our client. At the end of project, when client informs, we delete every piece of code from our computers. We do not offer so called "REUSABLE LIBRARIES" like many other offshore service providers.

We make legal agreements with our employees to protect client source code. Limited internet access, Email scanning, disabled floppy drives and cd-writers etc. are the other measures we take.