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Offshore Outsourcing is not a plug and play feature. Though cost is the prime factor driving current boom, there are many issues which are to be considered first. One out of every four outsourcing deals fails, because cost saving is the only issue considered by companies and service providers. In any offshore software development deal, there are bound to be glitches, but at dakshaSoft, we miming it by implementing proven methodologies and building trusted relationship.

Below are some of the issues to be considered while Offshore Outsourcing and DakshaSoft approach:

Vendor Selection

There are different horses for different courses, and you have to select right one. Don't bet on a dark horse. Price is not the only factor to be considered while choosing vendor. Technical skills and experience are equally important.

Intellectual property rights issue

A serious concern while going Offshore Software Outsourcing is, intellectual property rights and theft of intellectual property.

Your existing development team

This is the most critical issue while your existing IT team works with Offshore Software Development team. Without proper measures it may become a blame game with no advantage to company.

Offshore Development Team & Management

People and project management is often what separates a winning combination and failure in 0ffshore Software Outsourcing.


Because of geographically dispersed team and different time zone, communication is an issue. Company and service provider has to schedule meetings at a compatible time.

Approach and Methodology

"When we give a list of things to get done, half would and half would not." This is what you may hear from many companies having offshore software development team.

Manpower Turnover of Software Outsourcing Service Provider

With recent boom of software outsourcing in India, programmers are shifting jobs frequently. A newly hired manager or engineer always wants to work his way and may prefer to make change in architecture of development work.

Testing at different location

In 0ffshore Software Outsourcing, testing is required to be done at several locations as code is designed and developed at one place and implemented at other.

After project services

Project may require minor changes or upgradation anytime and fastest turn-around can be provided by those who have developed it.

Walking away from the deal

Breaking up is the hardest part to do when project development is at mid stage.

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