DakshaSoft - Offshore Outsourcing, Software Development, India

DakshaSoft Inc. is specialized in software development, Outsourcing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development,Marketing etc... It exclusively focuses on the needs of small and medium sized business (SMB) . We strive to understand the specifics and challenges of your business in the rapidly changing business environment. This approach ensures we deliver high quality solutions within the shortest possible timeframes.

DakshaSoft Inc. offers Software Development Services that can greatly improve the course of your business and is very exact in defining and satisfying your needs. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of IT market, know the most asked-for services and choose only proved and well-operating among them.

In addition, to serve you in the best possible way, we carefully look for, train, and retain the best IT talent available on the market. Not to beg the question, 100% of our employees hold university degrees and ten percent are prize winners of international contests in programming, mathematics and informatics.

And finallly, we understand, how important trust and business ethics are for the stable ongoing growth. We assume it as the basis for long-term relationships, that's why we individually work with our customers to develop it.

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