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At your disposal expansive internal capabilities for performing software development services successfully. Dakshasoft department follows the best of breed practices and existing metrics to manage service performance and maintain business continually.

Dakshasoft Inc. software development approach is based on the following principles:

  • Business needs orientation in software architecture. It' not about being the most technically elegant solution, it's about solving a problem. Business- rather than technology-oriented solutions are more effective for further modernization and upgrading in terms of ROI
  • Adherence to SOA and open industry standards which guarantees smooth integration of a new solution with your legacy corporate information systems, if any
  • Satisfied budget and time frames restrictions along with functional requirements ensured by the optimal combination of tools, technology and architecture (e.g. open source and licensed solutions)

Dakshasoft Inc. project-based development adheres to SW-CMM and open standards and usually follows the following procedures (with possible iterations):

  • On the negotiations stage sales managers and business analysts communicate with you to outline the vision and the best solution for the project. Since we care about simple communications, on the initial stage you have one single point of contact, who is always near to answer your questions and solve problems. Other activities include requirements gathering, business analysis, project planning and estimation.
  • On the production stage the assigned team of an account manager, software engineers, architects, consultants, developers and quality engineers perform product, changes and risk management, reporting, testing and other activities according to the agreed plan.
  • On the post-implementation stage you receive all the deliverables according to the release schedule. Support and training (including troubleshooting, development and installation of workarounds and patches) are integral parts of development contracts.

The defined and mature internal processes guarantee project (and contract) transparency and ensure that you are provided with productivity gain and cost reduction targets (or other results planned).

One of the aspects we pay special attention to is business continuity and security management. To provide it, we use special security and backup policy, which covers such issues, as backup locations, recovery scripts, information security policy, access control, organizational security, personnel and environmental security. The result of such an approach is to have our response reactive, flexible, and stable from the very request processing till the final product release.

We serve clients in United States, Canada,Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and other countries in Europe. Software development company DakshaSoft provides high quality support for applications across all areas of post implementation. The offshore software development services may include assistance in the development of custom programmed applications for the supported products. The assigned software programmers provide technical support and they are responsible to answer questions related to the supported software and initiate other activities according to the support procedures arrangements. In case required, DakshaSoft offshore programmers will suggest a transition plan to migrate development and support from a current provider to a new one.