Rapid Application Development

Dakshasoft Rapid Application Development Service focuses on the pieces of functionality that have the highest business value, and deliver that functionality in a rapid way. Both unified (RUP, Spiral, V-Model) and agile processes (e.g. XP or iterative prototyping) are within our scope of competence.

By the agile development methodology the whole process is split into strict iterations called timeboxes. Each iteration adds new functionality to the project: planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and documentation. Timeboxing also gives you the benefits of risk management for the tasks that easily run over their deadlines.

Dakshasoft rapid application development features:

  • Increased development speed, both in programming and maintenance, what consequently decreases time to delivery
  • Increased quality of the application, when the latter meets all user needs and has fewer defects (due to the use of CASE tools)
  • Reduced complexity of the application due to the usable GUI design and accustomed look and feel
  • Cost-effectiveness. Buying an application may save money compared to its building
  • Experienced development teams with versatile talented members who perform multiple functions
  • Clear communication with the customer ensuring what will be delivered and when. Besides, RAD needs greater customer involvement

Do you need to develop a time-bound though qualitative project? You can't afford the development process to take so long that your business has greatly changed by the time the project is released? Do you require quality products to be developed faster, saving valuable resources? If your answer is ‘yes’ to one or all of this questions, choose Dakshasoft rapid application development service (RAD).

Our experience gives you the advantages of RAD while minimizing the disadvantages, such as reduced scalability and productivity, through the generation of a business level "prototype" that provides a scalable and well designed application from its starting point. We use ready-developed frameworks and third-party products to accelerate the process. It means there is no need to start from zero point every time. Negotiate the time, quality and economy of your project with us. 

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