Open Source Software Integration

Our Open Source Software Integration service will help you take a full advantage of collaborative software development which makes open-source software more flexible, stable and cost-effective than commercial products. The aim of Eldev open source software integration services is to help small to medium-sized companies get the maximum return on software investment allowing them to cut costs, speed up development process and improve performance.

However, integration of OSS requires expert knowledge in the open source software market, as well as significant experience in software development and maintenance. Here is where Eldev’s team can help you. Armed with a wide expertise in OSS and an advanced skill set, Eldev provides:

  • OSS Integration Consulting
  • OSS Integration
  • Migration to OSS
  • Maintenance and Support

Do you need a flexible, customizable software product to meet your requirements in today’s rapidly changing business environment? Do you want to use the latest IT solutions without spending a fortune? Would you like to get a better quality software at a lower cost? A “yes” to these questions means that you’ve come to the right place.

Good news is that the world of OSS is not limited to Apache and Linux, but there are plenty of first-class software products with open source code in different domains, including:


  • Operating Systems (Linux, Fedora Core)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) (WebGUI, Zope, WordPress, PHP-Fusion)
  • Office Suites (OpenOffice, KOffice, GNOME Office)
  • Data Miming tools (Weka, Yale)
  • Groupware (Kolab, Bongo, Zimbra)
  • Remote Access Software (Synergy, FreeNX)
  • Anti-viruses (ClamAV, clamwin)
  • Firewalls (Firestarter, SmoothWall, FirewallPAPI)


  • Web Servers and Web Applications (Apache, JBoss, WebLogic)
  • Database Management Systems (MySQL, InnoDB, Apache Derby)
  • Source Code Version Control Systems (CVS, Subversion)
  • Middleware (GlassFish, Jboss, TAO)
  • Integrated Development Environments (Eclipse, Scaffold, NetBeans, Open Perl IDE)
  • Bug Tracking Systems (Bugzilla, Mantis)


  • Browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Grail, Flock)
  • Email Software (Thunderbird, Kmail)
  • Audio Editors (Pure Data, Audacity, Sonic Spot)
  • Video Editors (DVDx, Cinelerra)
  • Personal Information Managers (Kontact, Knotes, Mozilla Calendar)
  • Games (Allegiance, FreeDoom, C-evo)

Is Open Source Software Integration the right choice for your company? Contact us now to find the optimal solution to match your business needs.

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