Starter SEO

1) Site and Competition Analysis & Keyword Strategy.
2) Top Tier Crawler Based Search Engine & Free Directory Submissions.
3) Optimization of 5 pages for up to 5 Search Phrases.

• Metatags - Report, Analysis and Advice for implementation.
• Website Content - Report, Analysis and Advice for implementation.
• Targeted Number of Key Phrases
• Keyword / Keyphrase Research & Analysis
• Submissions to ALL the main Search Engines around the World
• Submissions to Online Business Directories

Deep Linking Campaign
• One Hundred plus targeted Backward links to your website
• Five Press Releases distributed throughout Online Media
• Five Articles for RSS Feeds for related business
• Creation of a Blog
• Creation of a Micro Site and a Landing Page
• Administration and submission of new Posts to Blog
• Small number of business related classified advertisements deep linked into site

If all new web businesses began their online strategy by contracting Search Engine Optimism SEO Specialists, those entrepreneurs would do much better initially and succeed faster than ANY competitive company starting online while not incorporating SEO techniques.

Our strategy for beginning businesses who have NOT already established an online presence is to consult with your web designers to develop a clear and very specific program to build your web presence building SEO techniques into your site architecture.

T his will give your business a strong initial launch by optimizing your site before it goes live online. We work with your web designer to maximize your position in the search engines first, rather than later as an afterthought. The time that you realize you're not getting visitors to your business web site is NOT the best time to optimize.

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Because this approach saves us time, it saves you money.
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