Software Outsourcing Partner : Daksha Soft

DakshaSoft is an Software Outsourcing company, which knows that maintaining and servicing your key expertise area while attempting to grow your business is a tough job in today's demanding & competitive environment. Whether you are an independent consultant with strong domain focus or a software company, we are always interested in exploring avenues to work together - sharing risk and revenue.

To provide more value to end customers we actively seek to form strategic alliances. We are looking for partners in following areas :

Software companies More
Independent consultants More
Partnership for marketing executives More

Email : [email protected]

Software Companies :
Dakshasoft works with software development / services companies to leverage resources and maximize value to their customers. DakshaSoft's extensive experience and standard software development process helps to create innovative software solutions with high reliability.
With the principle of 'kitchen should be near to dining', we are seeking partners who are easily accesible and near to end customers and who can provide great client experience.

We are seeking to partner with those companies who can provide the best client experience and who are easily accesible to clients. As a partner we will provide a team which has international experience in software outsourcing and can deliver a great value for money. Our team works on behalf of partner for their clients and it increases partner's competitive advantage, efficiency and proft..

Independent Consultants :
If you are independent software consultant / domain expert and there is any way of integrating your services with ours to deliver an onshore/offshore solution, we look forward to discussing the possibilities of partnering with you. You get opportunity to offer your services with our skills and portfolio. Our team works on behalf of your consultancy or you can use our brand and represents us for your clients.

Reseller Partnership :
If you are interested in selling our services with our/your brand name and you have established marketing channel, we are interested in discussing partnership.

Email : [email protected]

Some highlights of our business practice are:

  • Confidentiality of your business when you outsource to us
  • Our programmers works with the identity of partner as virtual offshore development team
  • On time completion of projects
  • Promise to quality
  • Clear contract and terms
  • Helping our customers in times of crisis
  • Justify our price
  • We just keep our relationship limited to our partner and never approach their customers.

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